Overview –Emerald City USA is Energy City, a Platinum Green Project

Our plan is to build the First Phase of Emerald City USA ( at this time and to purchase additional land for future development of this Iconic Project: The Emerald City USA, Inc. Management Team has created an innovative Business Plan. This powerful Business Plan defines a business venture rather than a real estate enterprise. The Business Plan is based on clustering several components with synergy, to attract millions of visitors; producing a revenue “multiplying effect”, which creates a very large and diversified income stream, enhancing the project’s value and economic impact, resulting in financial stability and protecting the Project against real estate market fluctuations. The large and diversified income stream allows for the Project’s financing through a private stock offering.

Note: This Business Plan Summary was prepared by the Emerald City USA, Inc. Management Team using assumptions and forward looking statements. Each prospective investor should carefully review each Business Plan section before investing. Management makes no representations as to the accuracy or achievability of the underlying assumptions and projected results contained herein.

The Project – Emerald City USA

Emerald City is a blueprint developed over several years using the Management Team’s combined vision and knowledge of engineering, construction and operations for future major multiuse development projects in metropolitan areas. It is a City within a City, a LEED “Platinum Green” clean energy sustainable, self-sufficient Project incorporating state-of-the-art technologies and products, and a tropical place to live, work, study and shop with great entertainment. Emerald City means living only a few steps away from the job, international trade shows, great shopping, 4 and 5-star hotels, world class restaurants, entertainment, an indoor amusement park, sports, golf courses, marina, beach, and much more. It is luxury and convenient living with more quality time, improving the environment, and saving in transportation costs.

Emerald City is not a real estate project; it is a business venture. Why? The project’s estimated Net Operating Income is composed of approximately 59% from entertainment, 27% from real estate & advertising and 14% from other components. Emerald City will be an extremely profitable business venture with an estimated annual NOI of $1.8 Billion. Emerald City’s innovative Business Plan is based on clustering components with synergy to attract millions of visitors, producing a large and diversified income stream. This income diversification creates financial stability, economic impact, and protects against the normal periodic real estate market fluctuations. Emerald City USA, becomes immediately an International Icon Project and a worldwide tourist destination that transcends the local economic constraints and provides a preferred and desired address for businesses and residents. The economic impact in South Florida will be remarkable, especially with the existing economic conditions of the City, County and the State.

Multi-Use Platinum Green Energy Project

We are using World-Class engineering and construction teams that include participants who have already repeatedly built some of the Tallest Buildings in the World and are ready, willing and able to build this Project anywhere.

Emerald City USA will be an international trade, tourism and residential center for South Florida as the “Gateway of the Americas” incorporating the world’s largest indoor amusement park for family entertainment with an international Convention and Exhibition Center; a Restaurant Center starting with 25 establishments; several three, four and five star hotels with hotel condominiums, Class A and B offices and a major commercial retail center. In addition, there will be education, research and development centers, clean manufacturing, assembly and shipping facilities for high technology products. World Trade Center Pavilions from many countries will showcase their products and services.

Emerald City will offer a wide variety of residential options ranging from studios for students, family apartments and single family homes to large mansions in a country club setting overlooking a professional golf course.

Emerald City will be self-sufficient in energy, incorporating solar power, a biofuels and natural gas generating system with heat recovery for absorption chillers for a central air conditioning plant, a wastewater treatment plant and a solid waste to energy plant with cogeneration, hydrogen driven fuel cells, etc.

Emerald City will work with a group of universities and companies in research and development and welcome demonstration projects for new state-of-the-art energy, water, agricultural and pharmaceutical related technologies. Our aim is to have Emerald City fast become the “Silicon Valley” of energy development and attract the best available talent to live, study and work here. At the same time, our International Exhibition Center and Free Trade Zone will attract companies to showcase, market and promote their new technologies and products, as well as to manufacture and assemble them in our state-of-the-art manufacturing complex.

Emerald City will build campuses for students from around the world to be trained by universities and major companies to be able to return home to train others in new energy, water, agricultural and pharmaceutical technologies. These students can also be part of the workforce for the retail commercial areas, the amusement center, etc. Emerald City is an economic engine for the area, projecting to create 30,000 new construction jobs, at least 30,000 new permanent jobs, approximately $850 Million in new tax revenues and injecting approximately $1 Billion annually into the local economy. In addition, it will provide great entertainment and events for South Florida for millions of tourists. It may be hard to believe that all of that can be accomplished, but our Nation is about new ideas, execution and hard work, all of which are the basis of Emerald City USA.