Marla Rivera

A Nationally recognized management Consultant highly sought after for Business Development capabilities including Grant writing and budget administration. Fund raising, and request for proposal best practices. Vast experience with building companies ranging from startup to Fortune 500 level. Private, Public and Government business operations expertise including legal and accounting capabilities. Well rounded general business acumen driven by results and bottom line performance. Economic Development, Logistics and Charity Administration. Currently preparing for the minority Washington D.C. caucus representing minority, veterans, indigenous, farmers and new innovation small businesses for Fair Banking under the 2018 Farm Bill, by invitation of the White House. Attended Inaugural 2020 Governmental Special Commodities representing grant and Procurement.

Education & Background

• 1989 – SBA Construction Management
• 1999 to 2012- OSHA
• 2000 – Grant Writing & Procurement
• 2002 – I.T. / Basic CAD
• 2008 to Present – Sunn Technologies- Grantwriter, Economic Development, Project Development
• 2012 – OSHA
• 2018 – Bio Mass Products and Services CEO
• 2017 to 2022 – B& M Farmers Co-ops located in 24 States
• 2022 – GCAC Track and Carbon Credit Contractor
• Thing Blue Microsoft Agricultural Education Contractor

Grant Consulting

• O’Hare 9 L Expansion
• American Music
• Caregiver/ Documentary Films and Production
• Ridge Fortune Fund
• Picasso’s of Fort Wayne (Non Profit)
• James Burton Foundation
• Music and Sports Associations
• American Packard Museum

• Summit Resort Group
• Haitian Disaster Relief
• Education, Economic and Revitalization Projects
• Clinton Foundation
• From Boys 2 Men Foundation II Inc.
• Michigan Movie Studios
• U.N. 8 Billion Trees
• UN Girls Empowerment


Leaders Connect- National Hemp Regulatory
LinkedIn – Author and Influencer
Chair – Federal ADHOC Flood Committee
Chair – McArthur Foundation
Chair – St. Andrews Society- Military Awareness IRAQ
Chief Financial Officer – H.A.C.O.


2008 – Puget Sound Grant Writers Funding Association
2008 to Present – Blues Hall of Fame Ambassador
2008 – American Association of Grant Writing Professionals
2008 to Present – New Innovations and Green Technology Consulting Organization Consultant
2009 – Certificate of Outstanding Achievement in Event Planning and Foundation Fundraising
2021 – International Global Professionals
2018 – Woman of Empowerment- New York
2022 – Lifetime Diamond Achievement New York
2022 – Certificate of Recognition for most threatened locations and species globally
Gifted Title Rights Lady Marla Rivera- Recognition of Social Services Lives Globally. Vault registered.