Greenlee Security Services

greenless securityGreenlee Security Services will develop a customized program to satisfy all your security needs, as well as provide trained professional security officers. We strive for excellence through professionalism and accountabilty. Our first priority has been and always will be a commitment to produce a quality product while achieving the goal of our client. G.S.S. is devoted to providing our clients security and investigative services with complete dedication and professionalism. We are honored to offer a high caliber of industry experts from law enforcement, military, investigative, security and corporate fields.

On the Job Training

After Security Engineers’ Officers have completed initial training, on-the-job training begins. During on-the-job training, Security Officers are familiarized with the duties and responsibilities of the posts that they staff. General and emergency responsibilities are explained and all post practices and procedures are taught to all Security Officers working the post. Additionally, during the on-the-job training time, Security Officers are expected to read and become familiar with the post’s “Security Post Instructions” which have been custom prepared for that post.

NIS Engineering’s X-ray Scanning R&D Security (Proposed)

maxresdefaultNIS Ltd has established a working relationship with a US based leading supplier of security & detection systems, to provide X-ray scanning equipment. The client is a world leader in advanced screening technologies and NIS has a proven track record in the security market. NIS has built up extensive experience in the industry by providing design, manufacture, testing, installation and commissioning of X-ray scanning equipment for security services at ports and borders around the world, including the UK, Far and Middle East, Europe and Australia. Working in a collaborative manner with our partners we have completed projects for scanning trucks and containers, cargo, baggage and vehicles, utilising X-ray technologies for multi-directional scanning using either fixed or moving rigs. The rigs we build incorporate motion systems, high penetration X-ray units and specialised detection components for non-intrusive inspection of a wide range of packages and materials