D4 Energy

D4 Energy Group was founded on the belief that through advanced technology we can have an impact on our global quest for clean energy and a green planet.. Visit Website | View Video Presentation


Surtreat provides full service, innovative, technical solutions for the restoration and prevention of deterioration and corrosion in steel-reinforced concrete structures. Learn More

Carbon Zero Project

What is Biochar – Biochar can be defined simply as char (charcoal) used for agricultural purposes. It can be produced from any type of biomass, including agricultural and Learn More

Sky Skan

We design and install the world’s top fulldome planetariums and visualization theaters. Our products and services range from Definiti digital fulldome theater systems Learn More

Fiber Optics Tech

Fiberoptics Technology Inc. is the largest supplier of custom designed OEM fiber optic components in the United States, maintaining the largest fiber production Learn More

Basalt Rebar

Basalt Rebar is an alternative to steel and fiberglass for reinforcing concrete. Made from volcanic rock basalt rebar is tough, stronger than steel and has Learn More


NATAPRENE RED (High Abrasion Resistance) is a revolutionary fast set, 100% solids, flexible two component spray elastomer that gives outstanding physical Learn More

F&T Water Solutions

F&T Water Solutions is an advanced water treatment company specializing in electrocoagulation and chemical free integrated technologies. F&T offers Learn More

Natural Power Concepts

Some of the largest man-made structures on earth are high-rise buildings. When wind blows on these huge objects it is forced around the sides and over the top of the structures, Learn More

Plantagons Vertical Farming

In recent years, the importance of food security and safety has become increasingly apparent. The basic idea is to grow vegetables and flowers in pots. Learn More

NIS Engineering’s X-ray Scanning (Security)

NIS Ltd has established a working relationship with a US based leading supplier of security & detection systems, to provide X-ray scanning equipment. The client is a Learn More

Waste Management – Westinghouse Plasma

Westinghouse Plasma is the next generation of waste to energy gasification technology. A Westinghouse Plasma Corp. gasifier will convert a wide variety of Learn More

Global Waste Energy Conversion Company

Global Waste Energy Conversion Company (GWECC) i s a leading provider of environmentally friendly waste-to-energy solutions through the deployment of a unique combination of in-house expertise, Learn More..

Thermo Energy Ammonia Recovery Process

Thermo Energy is an integrated technologies company engaged in the worldwide development and sales of sustainable technologies for wastewater recovery and Learn More

White Roof Project

Roofing as an energy strategy. Reflective roofing has gained tremendous market share in recent years as energy costs and environmental concerns have increased. Learn More

Epiphany Solar Water Systems

Epiphany Solar Water Systems (SWS) is a simple and inexpensive method of distilling water with concentrated solar energy Learn More