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Overview –Emerald City USA is Energy City, a Platinum Green Project
Our plan is to build the First Phase of Emerald City USA ( and to purchase additional land for the future development of this Iconic Project: The Emerald City USA, Inc. Management Team has created an innovative Business Plan. This powerful Business Plan defines a business venture rather than a real estate enterprise. The Business Plan is based on clustering several components with synergy, to attract millions of visitors; producing a revenue “multiplying effect”, which creates a very large and diversified income stream, enhancing the project’s value and economic impact, resulting in financial stability and protecting the Project against real estate market fluctuations. The large and diversified income stream allows for the Project’s financing through a private stock offering.

The Emerald City USA Membership Club, will have a significant role in helping to create this much needed futuristic self-sustaining energy project, (smart city technologies). Emerald City, will create millions of jobs around the World, and many benefits for the club members by being a part of the R & D programs that they will have supported thru the membership dues, for new inventions of all kinds to improve the Planet Earth movement of which they are starting through the club for the Emerald City project. Ten percent of Emerald City USA, of the net income will be owned by this ECUSA International Membership Club which will be used to help out devastation problems around the World, creating jobs, humanitarian housing, water solutions, waste treatment systems, etc. The membership program will create scholarships for students around the World, help with student loans, tuitions, etc. The Club will benefit by owning the ten percent of Emerald City whatever country it’s built in, including a percent of all inventions that will be created and commercially sold from our R & D programs. A Non -profit foundation.

A twenty-five-member Think Tank to oversee these funds will be made up of climate change experts such as from colleges like MIT, UCLA and other prominent professors and business executives from around the World that are involved with Climate Change programs.

The Project – Emerald City USA

The commercial areas, the amusement centers, etc., in Emerald City is an economic engine for the area, projecting to create 30,000 new construction jobs, at least 30,000 new permanent jobs, approximately $850 Million in new tax revenues and injecting approximately $1 Billion annually into the local economy. In addition, it will provide great entertainment and events for South Florida for millions of tourists. It may be hard to believe that all of that can be accomplished, but our Nation is about innovative ideas, execution and challenging work, all of which are the basis of Emerald City USA.

Proposed Sites-Homestead / Florida City, Miami-Dade County, Florida also Niagara Falls area, Canada

We plan to locate Emerald City USA in the Homestead / Florida City Area in Miami-Dade County around 25 miles south of Miami on the only large available waterfront access site for a Project of this magnitude South of the Port of Miami, located between Downtown Miami and Key Largo. Emerald City will provide a completely new vision for the mostly agricultural Homestead / Florida City Area, with a signature iconic structure providing a worldwide tourist destination. It is a multi-use, “green complex” that will attract millions of tourists, creating more and higher paying jobs, producing more tax revenues and greater economic impact for the City and County than any other project since the Miami International Airport and the Port of Miami were expanded. South Florida needs a major free trade center with clean high technology research, development and manufacturing facilities focusing on energy, water, agricultural and pharmaceutical products to provide high income jobs as well as a sorely needed first class family entertainment center.

The Company will be requesting from the various Federal Government Agencies, the State of Florida, Miami-Dade County, and the Cities of Homestead and Florida City complete cooperation in bringing this Icon Project to South Florida. The Project will be developed based on environmental and zoning approvals. We are retaining nationally recognized legal, architectural, engineering, such as (AECOM),(Thornton Tomasetti), accounting firms and other specialized consultants, including a Washington, DC Public Relations firm for the design and approval process.

We are planning a Transportation Hub with the latest design hydrofoil vessels to assist the existing transportation situation in Miami-Dade County by transporting passengers over water from Emerald City USA using the Intercostal Waterway to Dinner Key, Miami Bayfront Park, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach locations, all to be included with their approvals.

This is a fantastic location for entertainment, residential and business venues. Please, go to our website: and browse through the pages and especially see the videos to better understand and appreciate our vision for Emerald City and the surrounding region. We suggest you play the videos in the following sequence:

  • a. Introduction
  • b. Animated Video on Home page
  • c. Patriot Village at Emerald City USA
  • d. Technology
  • e. Attractions

We have created a powerful Business Plan with unique finance engineering as multiple components are clustered for synergy to attract millions of visitors per year; creating diversified income, enhanced value, and financial stability. Financing of $9.8 Billion is required for, land, construction and FF&E.

We are only requesting from the State of Florida, the Miami-Dade County Commissioners and Government and the Cities of Homestead and Florida City for their approval on the land, and zoning to formally commit our investors to the Project, all of this without any taxpayer contributions.

Economic Impact in South Florida:

• An estimated 30,000 construction jobs and 30,000 new permanent jobs.
• $50 Million in donations for education, services to Senior Citizens and medical facilities.
• Creating approximately $850 million in new tax revenues.
• Creating approximately $250 Million in new revenues for the Miami International Airport (MIA), the Port of Miami and the airlines.
• Injecting approximately $1 Billion annually into the local economy.

Emerald City is a blueprint developed over several years using the Management Team’s combined vision and knowledge of engineering, construction and operations for future major multiuse development projects in metropolitan areas. It is a City within a City, a LEED “Platinum Green” clean energy sustainable, self-sufficient project incorporating state-of-the-art technologies and products, and a tropical place to live, work, study and shop with great entertainment. Emerald City means living only a few steps away from the job, international trade shows, great shopping, 4 and 5-star hotels, world class restaurants, entertainment, indoor amusement theme parks, sports, golf courses, marina, beach, and much more. It is luxury and convenient living with more quality time, improving the environment, and saving in transportation costs.

Emerald City is not a real estate project, it is a business venture. Why? The project’s estimated Net Operating Income is composed of approximately 59% from entertainment, 27% from real estate & advertising and 14% from other components. Emerald City will be an extremely profitable business venture with an estimated annual NOI of $1.8 Billion. Emerald City’s innovative Business Plan is based on clustering components with synergy to attract millions of visitors, producing a large and diversified income stream. This income diversification creates financial stability, economic impact, and protects against the normal periodic real estate market fluctuations. Emerald City USA becomes immediately an International Icon Project and a worldwide tourist destination that transcends the local economic constraints and provides a preferred and desired address for businesses and residents. The economic impact in South Florida will be remarkable, especially with the existing economic conditions of the City, County and the State.

Multi-Use Platinum Green Energy Project

We are using World-Class engineering and construction teams that include participants who have already built nineteen of the Tallest Buildings in the World and are ready, willing and able to build this Project anywhere.

Emerald City USA and area around it, will be an international trade, tourism and residential center for South Florida as the “Gateway of the Americas” incorporating the world’s largest indoor amusement parks for family entertainment with an international Convention and Exhibition Centers; a Restaurant Centers starting with 25 establishments in each dome; several three, four and five-star hotels with hotel condominiums, Class A and B offices and a major commercial retail center. In addition, there will be education, research and development centers, clean manufacturing, assembly and shipping facilities for high technology products. World Trade Center Pavilions from many countries will showcase their products and services.

Emerald City will be self-sufficient in energy, incorporating solar power, a biofuels and natural gas generating system with heat recovery for absorption chillers for a central air conditioning plant, a wastewater treatment plant and a solid waste to energy plant with cogeneration, hydrogen driven fuel cells, etc. Emerald City will need no landfill areas and will produce almost zero emissions.

Emerald City will work with a group of universities and companies in research and development and welcome demonstration projects for new state-of-the-art energy, water, agricultural and pharmaceutical related technologies. Our aim is to have Emerald City fast become the “Silicon Valley” of energy development and attract the best available talent to live, study and work here. At the same time, our International Exhibition Center and Free Trade Zone will attract companies to showcase, market and promote their innovative technologies and products, as well as to manufacture and assemble them in our state-of-the-art manufacturing commerce complex.

Emerald City will build campuses for students from around the world to be trained by universities and major companies to be able to return home to train others in new energy, water, agricultural and pharmaceutical technologies. These students can also be part of the workforce for the retail areas.

Emerald City USA Scope

Emerald City USA will be the new economic engine for Homestead, Florida City and Miami-Dade County and will become a development model for the State and Nation to follow. Emerald City will be a destination like no other in the World, an Icon project only second to Disney World as a major tourist attraction.

Based on Entertainment and the newest Energy, Water, Agricultural and Pharmaceutical Technologies available now and in the future to obtain and maintain the highest technologies level in the world. It will attract major corporations, businesses and students from different countries to live and be trained on site and to be part of our work force.

Emerald City USA will provide a preferred local residential area within easy commute to thousands of high paying jobs and will change the local economy forever.

Emerald City will be a LEED “Platinum Green” self-sufficient development which will include the following: MQ LSP, solar energy, waste to energy and chilled water plants and will showcase the most advanced energy and water technologies to date.

We will create underground organic farming in the areas which have to be raised to accomplish the new zoning requirements of 18 feet height above sea level. These underground farms will create hundreds of more jobs to produce these products, canneries and shipping departments for local and international sales.

The Emerald City Waste Treatment plant is planning to eliminate all existing landfill areas using the newest technologies to rid the area of unwanted smells and emmissions from these dumping sites by utilizing inert residue after gasification of landfill solid waste, creating 18 feet berms encased in concrete to meet the new zoning requirements.

The project will have state-of-the-art security, emergency evacuation, helipad landings, hurricane shelters, horizontal and vertical transportation, scanning of all trucks and packages to enter the facility. LED lighting in all our trees, gardens, and streets, exciting water fountains and walkways, pools, spa, exercise and sport courts, children parks and day care centers, animal shelter, vetinary and medical facilities on site.

We propose to construct one Monolithic Dome at a time, each of which can be as large as 500 feet in diameter by 250 feet high. The first Monolithic Dome can house approximately 770 Hotel Suites and Hotel / Condominium units with a first-class spa and track area, a major retail and outlet store shopping mall, etc. One Theme Park in each dome. In the next phase, we will build two more of these domes with the same inside dimensions except housing two more different Themes. Utility and Waste Treatment plants in each dome, etc. Main entrance parking with trams going to each dome. The Project will include all infrastructure and underground construction needed for the domes.

The main level of each dome will be raised 18 feet above sea level with all utilities and cargo below each Monolithic Dome, each of which will house world-class retail areas, hotels, resort suites, hotel condominiums, indoor amusement parks for the whole family to enjoy, food courts, international restaurant center with a minimum of 25 establishments, sky-lounges, world class spas, swimming pools, tennis and other sports indoors.

International Convention, Trade & Exposition Center with auditorium, ballrooms, showrooms, screen displays, meeting boardrooms, etc. Availability for 50 weeks per year for major conventions, expositions, fashion shows, entertainment and music concerts.

Television and Radio Stations and Satellite Broadcasting on site and major film production studios and recording center dedicated to one of the domes.

Major world class Equestrian Center with covered Monolithic Dome stadium for Indoor Arena Polo, Stadium Show Jumping, Rodeo Events, Paso Fino Horse Shows and indoor stalls for over 100 horses with a state-of-the-art veterinarian facility.

Transportation hub with 10,000 indoor parking spaces and 10,000 outdoor parking spaces, tram or trolley services to Metro Rail, Airport and Port of Miami. In addition, we are planning to offer high speed hydrofoil and water taxi services to Dinner Key / Coconut Grove, Downtown Miami / Brickell, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale / Port Everglades and the Port of Palm Beach. We are working to bring the Brightline High Speed Train directly down to the Homestead area.

Emerald City Phases will feature the following:

Emerald City USA, Phase One will include the purchase of approximately 1,000 to 3,000 acres to start, as it will be a City of the Future that will grow each year as we add international training centers, international campuses, water theme parks, world free trade center pavilions, etc.

Patriot Village for Veterans;

Patriot Village, a Non-Profit 501 3C project, will be part of Phase I and be designed to house at least 900 families of Veterans, providing jobs and training for the Wounded Warriors and all Veterans living on site when the first phase is completed.

Emerald City Entertainment Dome:

• A world-class indoor amusement park for the whole family to enjoy, housed within a hurricane-rated Monolithic Dome sized at 500 feet in diameter x 250 feet high.
• A major International Trade & Exposition Center with showrooms, screen displays and food courts offering 50 weeks per year of Expos, Conventions, Music, Fashion and Entertainment venues.
• Approximately 800 Hotel Rooms and Suites rated 4 and 5 stars and Luxury Hotel/ Condominium Apartments, with views of the indoor Amusement Park.
• World-class Retail Area and Class “A” Office Space.
• Auditorium, Ballroom, Meeting Boardrooms.
• International Restaurants Center starting with 25 establishments
• Television and Radio Stations on site, Movie Production Studios, Live Reality Shows.

Other infrastructure features:

• Parking Garages with 10,000 indoor parking spaces and 10,000 outdoor parking spaces.
• Land Transportation Terminal with tram or trolley services to Homestead, Miami and the airports.
• Water Transportation Terminal with Marina, Water Taxi and High-Speed Hydrofoil Service.
• World-class Spa, swimming pools, tennis and other sports facilities including a 50-acre man-made water park.

• Projected 30,000 new construction jobs including off site support related jobs. An estimated 50,000 permanent jobs after the start of commercial operation.
• Plantagons; vertical farming facilities to supply the project and provide state of the art growing and processing technologies to other farming communities in the Homestead-Florida City area.
• Underground farming structures.
• Campuses for technology training of students from around the World.
• State-of-the-art wastewater and solid Waste to Energy plant with power generation with water production, chilled water facilities, solar power installations.

Emerald City Golf & Country Club, approximately 500 four/five Star hotel suites.
• International World Class Equestrian Center for Arena Polo, Regulation Polo Fields, Stadium Jumping and Paso Fino horses, with state-of-the-art veterinarian hospital and stalls.
• International World Class Golf Course approximately on 500 acres.
• Time share hotel/condominiums will also be built to accommodate thousands of tourists, vacationers and all year residence.
• Ballrooms, meeting rooms, international video conference rooms and many more hospitality guest benefits.

Emerald City Energy Training Complex, approximately 100 acres including:
• International Energy Technical Schools and Dormitories for students, local and from around the World, many of which will become the workforce for many components in the Amusement and Retail Areas, etc.
• International Agriculture School with Vertical Farming in our Plantagons under programmable growing conditions.
• International Energy pavilions and exhibits from major Corporations and training class rooms.
Expansion of approximately 500 acres including:
• State-of-the-art Energy Center Pavillions.
• Manufacturing and Assembly plants.
• Free Trade Zone bonded warehouses.
• Sustainable and ecological fish and shrimp farming areas.
• Construction of trams.

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