The Company


Emerald City USA will be the new economic engine for Homestead, Florida City and Miami-Dade County and will become a development model for the State and Nation to follow. Emerald City, will be a destination like no other in the World, an Icon project only second to Disney World as a major tourist attraction.

Based on Entertainment and the newest Energy, Water, Agricultural and Pharmaceutical Technologies available now and in the future to obtain and maintain the highest technologies level in the world. It will attract major corporations, businesses and students from different countries to live and be trained on site and to be part of our work force.

Emerald City USA will provide a preferred local residential area within easy commute to thousands of high paying jobs and will change the local economy forever.

Emerald City will be a LEED “Platinum Green” self-sufficient development which will include the following: solar energy, waste to energy and chilled water plants and will showcase the most advanced energy and water technologies to date.

We will create underground farming in the areas which have to be raised to accomplish the new zoning requirements of 18 feet height above sea level. These underground farms will create hundreds of more jobs to produce these products, canneries and shipping departments for local and international sales.

The Emerald City Waste Treatment plant is planning to eliminate all existing landfill areas using the newest technologies to rid the area of unwanted smells and emmissions from these dumping sites by utilizing inert residue after gasification of landfill solid waste, creating 18 feet berms encased in concrete to meet the new zoning requirements.

The project will have state-of-the-art security, emergency evacuation, helipad landings, hurricane shelters, horizontal and vertical transportation, scanning of all trucks and packages to enter the facility. LED lighting in all our trees, gardens, and streets, exciting water fountains and walkways, pools, spa, exercise and sport courts, children parks and day care centers, animal shelter, vetinary and medical facilities on site.

We propose to construct one Monolithic Dome at a time, each of which can be as large as 500 feet in diameter by 250 feet high. The first Monolithic Dome can house approximately 770 Hotel Suites and Hotel / Condominium units with a first class spa and track area, a major retail and outlet store shopping mall, etc. One Theme Park in each dome. In the next phase, we will build two more of these domes with the same inside dimensions except housing two more different Themes. Utility and Waste Treatment plants in each dome, etc. Main entrance parking with trams going to each dome. The Project will include all infrastructure and underground construction needed for the domes.

The main level of each dome will be raised 18 feet above sea level with all utilities and cargo below each Monolithic Dome, each of which will house world-class retail areas, hotels, resort suites, hotel condominiums, indoor amusement parks for the whole family to enjoy, food courts, international restaurant center with a minimum of 25 establishments, sky-lounges, world class spas, swimming pools, tennis and other sports indoors.

International Convention, Trade & Exposition Center with auditorium, ballrooms, showrooms, screen displays, meeting boardrooms, etc. Availability for 50 weeks per year for major conventions, expositions, fashion shows, entertainment and music concerts.

Television and Radio Stations and Satellite Broadcasting on site and major film production studios and recording center.

Major world class Equestrian Center with covered Monolithic Dome stadium for Indoor Arena Polo, Stadium Show Jumping, Rodeo Events, Paso Fino Horse Shows and indoor stalls for over 100 horses with a state-of-the-art veterinarian facility.

Transportation hub with 10,000 indoor parking spaces and 10,000 outdoor parking spaces, tram or trolley services to MetroRail, Airport and Port of Miami. In addition, we are planning to offer high speed hydrofoil and water taxi services to Dinner Key / Coconut Grove, Downtown Miami / Brickell, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale / Port Everglades and the Port of Palm Beach.