Proposed Site – Homestead / Florida City, Miami-Dade County, Florida.

We plan to locate Emerald City USA in the Homestead / Florida City Area in Miami-Dade County around 25 miles south of Miami on the only large available waterfront access site for a Project of this magnitude South of the Port of Miami, located between Downtown Miami and Key Largo. Emerald City will provide a completely new vision for the mostly agricultural Homestead / Florida City Area, with a signature iconic structure providing a worldwide tourist destination. It is a multi-use, “green complex” that will attract millions of tourists, creating more and higher paying jobs, producing more tax revenues and greater economic impact for the City and County than any other project since the Miami International Airport and the Port of Miami were expanded. South Florida needs a major free trade center with clean high technology research, development and manufacturing facilities focusing on energy, water, agricultural and pharmaceutical products to provide high income jobs as well as a sorely needed first class family entertainment center.

The Company will be requesting from the various Federal Government Agencies, the State of Florida, Miami-Dade County, and the Cities of Homestead and Florida City complete cooperation in bringing this Icon Project to South Florida. The Project will be developed based on environmental and zoning approvals. We are retaining nationally recognized legal, architectural, engineering, accounting and other specialized consultants, and a Washington, DC Public Relations firm for the design and approval process.

We are planning a Transportation Hub with the latest design hydrofoil vessels to assist the existing transportation situation in Miami-Dade County by transporting passengers over water from Emerald City USA using the Intercostal Waterway to Dinner Key, Miami Bayfront Park, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach locations, all to be included with their approvals.

This is a great location for entertainment, residential and business venues. Please, go to our website: and browse through the pages and especially see the videos to better understand and appreciate our vision for Emerald City and the surrounding region. We suggest you play the videos in the following sequence:

a. Introduction
b. Patriot Village at Emerald City USA
c. Technology
d. Attractions

We have created a powerful Business Plan with very unique finance engineering as multiple components are clustered for synergy to attract millions of visitors per year; creating diversified income, enhanced value, and financial stability. Financing of $6.8 Billion is required for construction.

We are only requesting from the State of Florida, the Miami-Dade County Commissioners and Government and the Cities of Homestead and Florida City for their approval on the land, and zoning to formally commit our investors to the Project, all of this without any taxpayer contributions.
Economic Impact in South Florida:

• An estimated 30,000 construction jobs and 30,000 new permanent jobs.
• $50 Million in donations for education, services to Senior Citizens and medical facilities.
• Creating approximately $850 million in new tax revenues.
• Creating approximately $250 Million in new revenues for the Miami International Airport (MIA), the Port of Miami and the airlines.
• Injecting approximately $1 Billion annually into the local economy.