The Project – Emerald City USA

Emerald City is a blueprint for future major developments in metropolitan areas. It is a City within a City a “Platinum Green” sustainable, self-sufficient, and a tropical place to live, work, shop, and entertain. Emerald City, is living only a few steps away from the office, trade shows, great shopping, 4 and 5-star hotels, world class restaurants, entertainment, sports, marina, beach, an indoor amusement park and much more. It is luxury and convenience living with more quality time, improving the environment, and saving in transportation costs.

The proposed site, Homestead, Florida, adjacent to Biscayne Bay between downtown Miami and Key Largo, a great location for entertainment, residential and business venues. Please, go to our website and browse through the pages to better understand and appreciate our vision for a new Homestead. The project will be developed based on the existing zoning approvals. We are retaining a national FAA consultant and a Washington, DC PR firm for the approval process.

The financing would be through a private bond offering, which several Wall Street investment firms are highly interested in underwriting and which does not require pre-sales or pre-leasing. Construction will be by one of the world’s top construction companies and will be providing a corporate completion guarantee; and the Owner’s Representative is expected to be Perini Construction, a major publicly traded general contractor. The Structural Engineers (Thornton Tomasetti) and the Mechanical Engineers (Cosentini) are firms recognized worldwide among the best. A major developer will be in charge of the oversight of the entire project.

job-creationEmerald City is not a real estate project, it is a business venture. Why? The project’s estimated Net Operating Income is composed of 46% from entertainment, 21% from advertising, 13% from other components, and only 20% is from real estate. Emerald City will be an extremely profitable business venture with an estimated annual NOI of $1.8 Billion and $16.0 Billion in Stockholders’ equity. Emerald City’s innovative Business Plan is based on clustering components with synergy to attract millions of visitors, producing a larger and diversified income stream. This income diversification creates financial stability, economic impact, and protects against the normal periodic real estate market fluctuations. Emerald City USA, becomes immediately an International Icon Building and a worldwide tourist destination that transcends the local economic constraints and provides a preferred and desired address for businesses and residents. The economic impact in South Florida will be remarkable, especially with the existing economic conditions of the City, County and the State.