Emerald City Phases will feature the following:


Emerald City USA, Phase One will include the purchase of approximately 2,000 to 5,000 acres to start, as it will be a City of the Future that will grow each year as we add international training centers, international campuses, water theme parks, world free trade center pavilions, etc.

Phase One: Approximately $3.8 Billion

Patriot Village, a Non-Profit 501 3C project, will be part of Phase I and be designed to house at least 900 families of Veterans, providing jobs and training for the Wounded Warriors and all Veterans living on site when the first phase is completed.

Emerald City Entertainment Dome:
• A world-class indoor amusement park for the whole family to enjoy, housed within a hurricane-rated Monolithic Dome sized at 500 feet in diameter x 250 feet high.
• A major International Trade & Exposition Center with showrooms, screen displays and food courts offering 50 weeks per year of Expos, Conventions, Music, Fashion and Entertainment venues.
• Approximately 800 Hotel Rooms and Suites rated 4 and 5 stars and Luxury Hotel Condominium Apartments, with views of the indoor Amusement Park.
• World-class Retail Area and Class “A” Office Space.
• Auditorium, Ballroom, Meeting Boardrooms.
• International Restaurants Center starting with 25 establishments
• Television and Radio Stations on site, Movie Production Studios, Live Reality Shows.

Other infrastructure features:
• Parking Garages with 10,000 indoor parking spaces and 10,000 outdoor parking spaces.
• Land Transportation Terminal with tram or trolley services to Homestead, Miami and the airports.
• Water Transportation Terminal with Marina, Water Taxi and High Speed Hydrofoil Service.
• World-class Spa, swimming pools, tennis and other sports facilities including a 50 acre man-made water park.
• Projected 30,000 new construction jobs including off site support related jobs. An estimated 30,000 permanent jobs after the start of commercial operation.
• Plantagons; vertical farming facilities to supply the project and provide state of the art growing and processing technologies to other farming communities in the Homestead-Florida City area.
• Underground farming structures.
• Campuses for technology training of students from around the World.
• State-of-the-art wastewater and solid Waste to Energy plant with power generation with water production, chilled water facilities, solar power installations.

Phase Two: approximately $1.15 Billion

Emerald City Golf & Country Club, approximately 1,500 four and five Star hotel suites.
• International World Class Equestrian Center for Arena Polo, Regulation Polo Fields, Stadium Jumping and Paso Fino horses, with state-of-the-art veterinarian hospital and stalls.
• International World Class Golf Course approximately on 1,000 acres.
• Estate Mansions, energy-sufficient to be built on one to two acre lots all around the golf course.
• Time share condominiums and owner condominiums will also be built to accommodate thousands of tourists, vacationers and all year residence.
• Ballrooms, meeting rooms, international video conference rooms and many more hospitality guest benefits.

Phase Three: approximately $250 million

Emerald City Energy Training Complex, approximately 400 acres including:
• International Energy Technical Schools and Dormitories for students, local and from around the World, many of which will become the workforce for many components in the Amusement and Retail Areas, etc.
• International Agriculture School with Vertical Farming in our Plantagons under programmable growing conditions.
• International Energy pavilions and exhibits from major Corporations and training class rooms.

Phase Four: approximately $2.5 billion

Expansion of approximately 500 acres including:
• State-of-the-art Energy Center Pavilions.
• Manufacturing and Assembly plants.
• Free Trade Zone bonded warehouses.
• Sustainable and ecological fish and shrimp farming areas.
• Construction of trams.