Alq Gurley

Alg Gurley“ My Choice was easy, the right person for the right job “
For a position in my company, Emerald City and Patriot Village. Why I chose Alq Gurley to be part of my team as Health and Fitness Consultant with my connections with the Veterans Workforce and other Veteran organizations that I’m involved with, including Families that need help in their lives for, Health, jobs, affordable Apartments and homes. I met Al over 25 years ago through a mutual friend and he has remained my friend all these years and I asked him to become a spokesman for this position and he agreed right away.

Former IFBB PRO Bodybuilder Alq’ Gurley 1990 – 2000.
Competed at the highest levels of bodybuilding representing The IFBB PRO Series for a decade. Alq’ captured the NPC National Championship (USA) as the overall winner and the prestigious Mr. Universe/World Games Champion in 1990 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He’s competed nationally and internationally, a testament to his unwavering dedication and excellence including appearances in the esteemed Mr. Olympia contest, the top Pro Bodybuilding competition in the world.
Eager to continue to inspire and guide aspiring athletes and everyday individuals while contributing to the advancement of fitness and nutritional information. He has appeared on television and radio shows while also conducting exhibitions, seminars and speaking engagements around the world. Possessing outstanding leadership, motivational abilities, time management and organizational skills, Alq’ is a definite asset and dedicated team member.

Alq’ is a definite asset and dedicated team member.